Illustrated children's book"A Força do Dragão"

These illustrations were developed for the book "A Força do Dragão" from Editora Your Story. Readers can personalize the book online to choose the name of the main character, different travel companions and different moments within the FC Porto Stadium.

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A child visits Estádio do Dragão, accompanied by a parent or other adult, to watch a critical game of beloved FC Porto. However, during the match, the child's favorite player is injured. On the pitch, the atmosphere is tense and fans are apprehensive in the stands...can the young fan turn the tide for an all-important victory for FC Porto?

Be inspired by the strength and ferocity of a dragon in this exciting adventure!


Editora Your Story
Texto de: Joana Ferreira da Silva
Ilustração de: Filipa Viana

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