Filipa Viana is an artist and illustrator. She studied painting at the Fine Arts University of Porto (FBAUP), held a master's degree in Art and Design for Public Space in FBAUP and she has a postgraduate degree in illustration and animation film at ESAD Matosinhos.

Awarded in painting competitions with Honorable Mention at the 8th Prize for Young Painters "Fidelidade Seguros" (2004) and Honorable Mention in the nineteenth "Salão de Primavera", Casino Estoril (2006). Second prize in the "Shadows" Contemporary Illustration Portuguese (2015).

She currently works as a freelancer in projects in the field of ceramic, illustration, mural painting, graphic design and educational service.
For two years she was an illustrator of rubrics for the magazine "Notícias Magazine".

Selected Clients

Notícias Magazine (Jornal de Notícias)
Cultura Curto Espaço
Portugal Foods
Far Afield
Flea Market
Your Story Editorial
Natural Blends
Disorder Orchestra
A Casa da Mãe Joana
Um Quarto de Cão

Ask Magazine Interview:

"Just like the famous saying by Picasso: Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. I also believe that while working ideas flow and decisions are made all the time. I also hope that imagination finds me while I work. For me, the process is, unquestionably, the big event. Aside from giving the greatest pleasure, it is also the event that leads the pathway! Even laying down the seeds for future projects. With a Degree in Arts, in Painting, I like to use the plastic nature of materials to make illustrations more expressive, with signs of the process. Just like my paintings, my illustration also sets specific connections with space and architecture. I’m passionate about the design, the lines and the architectural compositions that surround me. Being Portuguese from Oporto, I grew up looking at a steep town with small buildings covered with tiles, piling up between river and sea.
The watchful girl perspective is also carried into the illustration, into a fantastic imaginary that leads to the lightheartedness and innocence of childhood. For each job, I choose the environment, exploring textures and plots, with permanent attention to detail, looking for familiar aspects within my own daily life. I unravel a chain of events, initially unexpected, that serendipitously end in a work that permanently embraces mistakes as part of the creative process.
In my illustration works, I propose the creation of images that may affect the observer. I intend to release emotions that are touched by lightness and beauty, taking the viewer to his childhood or inner-self.
My path has taken me through painting, photography, architecture, public spaces, design, and my illustration has been successively seeking the exploration of new expression and communication means.
At this time, my work is focused on illustration, and I intend to open it up to animation, very soon.
In every illustration, I am adrift, not certain about the end of the trip. In my artistic career, I also flow with the pleasure of doing and the journey, not always being aware of my destination, but feeling excited and having fun with the process. "- Filipa Viana.

For any question or just to say hello, please contact me.

+ 351 91 766 09 26 (Portugal)