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Grupo Primor Draft

This is a draft I made for Grupo Primor, a company from the portuguese food industry.



Patterns from the 60's

This work was made for Far Afield, a brand of contemporary British men's clothing.
Their concept unites a global inspiration with contemporary British design to deliver differentiated, high-quality men's fashion. Classic craftsmanship allied to attention to detail assures that user and creator go one step further.

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Pattern for Print

alt alt

Print Sample alt alt


Spring/Summer collection 2020 (SS20 Collection)


Illustrated children's book"A Força do Dragão"

These illustrations were developed for the book "A Força do Dragão" from Editora Your Story. Readers can personalize the book online to choose the name of the main character, different travel companions and different moments within the FC Porto Stadium.

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A child visits Estádio do Dragão, accompanied by a parent or other adult, to watch a critical game of

Industrial Food

This illustration was developed for the 10th anniversary of PortugalFoods, Portuguese Cluster for the Agrifood Sector.PortugalFoods
The concept was to represent in an utopian way the assembly lines present in the industrial product packaging and food transformation process.

An illustration that gave origin to a series of 30 serigraphy copies with 3 colors (blue, yellow and black).


alt Tecnic ~ Silkscreen

Lello & Irmão

Illustration developed at the workshop I taught about digital illustration in the bookstore Lello & Irmão in Oporto.

alt Illustration of inauguration day, January 13, 1906.

Oporto Scarf

This project was developed for the EUSARF* XV Psychologist Conference that was hosted in Porto.

The scarves were a gift from the organization to the speakers at the conference. The client requested that the artwork focus on the location of the event and less on themes of children or family.

I chose a square format so that the artwork can

Cru Animada


A funny experience :)

Disorder Orchestra / Cd cover

Illustrations for the EP CD cover of Disorder Orchestra band- Disorder Orchestra

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In the footsteps of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, or Miles Davis, Disorder Orchestra offers a performance made of a single song, mixing improvisational rock, psychedelics, experimental, and heavy riffs. The band, based in Geneva (Switzerland), imposes intense, organic, and adaptive music, each time reinvented in the course

Animalandia Calendar '18

Animalandia is an illustrated calendar for 2018.
Two different sizes. Sale at the online shop .


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Deriva // Printed art fair

Deriva, feira de artes impressas a realizar-se no Porto nos dias 14 e 15 de Agosto.



Shopping Online


Illustration for a magazine rubric "Notícias Magazine", about shopping online and how can be easier. So many offer!

Sonhos Verdes - editorial project

"Sonhos Verdes" é um livro que reflete sobre os espaços e paisagens da cidade de Fortaleza.

Editora: Terra da Luz Editorial
Projecto Gráfico: Fernando Brito
Ilustrações: Filipa Viana

Natural Blends - brand

I developed a cooperative image for the brand "Natural Blends".
Organics nuts creams made in Portugal.
100% Natural, gluten-free and lactose-free.

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Illustration for the Magazine "Notícias Magazine" about bullying.



When the sadness is so deep and becomes a giant monster.



First maskin Challenge!
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Theme: Mask your skin
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On the list of finalists

"Prémio Jovem Ilustrador Câmara Municipal de Amarante" integrado na BIISA, Bienal Internacional de Ilustração Solidária da Ajudaris.



Illustration for a magazine rubric "Notícias Magazine", talks about the human being capacity to overcome obstacles in life.

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Mural about Porto

Porto Craggy

On / Off

Always be on, it's starting to be a problem!
Illustration for the Magazine "Notícias Magazine" about concentration and distractions are increasingly difficult to keep under control.


"Um Quarto de Cão"

Illustration developed for the concept of a brand.


"Um Quarto de Cão" is a website dedicated to all dog owners and lovers looking for unique content and innovative products. Provide our readers with an overview of everything that is related to the world of dogs - that is our mission.