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"Wavy sea on the mind" Calendar 2019


This illustration was developed for the hairdresser salon “Fátima Viana Cabeleireiros & Spa”, celebrating its 23rd anniversary. This year the theme chosen for illustration work was not only the hair but also the sea: curly hair that resembles the rippling of the waves.

Also, it´s not only an illustration but essentially an illustrated calendar of 2019 (with Portuguese holidays)


Paintings on the family theme with a big collective hug.
Illustrations for the collective exhibition in April of the Hands Up project about against children´s corporal punishment.


Collective Hug
Mixed media on mdf

alt Mother Hug
Mixed media on mdf

Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Illustrated forms.
Diameter 13cm

alt alt alt alt

Once upon a time...

"The Story of Little Red Riding Hood".

~ Illustrated box

Wedding Illustration

Illustration for wedding invitation.

alt alt

Pagodas on the Run

alt Illustrated forms.
Diameter 23 cm