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Natural Blends - brand

I developed a cooperative image for the brand "Natural Blends".
Organics nuts creams made in Portugal.
100% Natural, gluten-free and lactose-free.

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Mural about Porto

Porto Craggy

" A casa da Mãe Joana" Corporate Identity

My design solution for this creative decoration studio was to develop a logo about the
creation process of the articles. The sewing machine and the sewing thread are the main tools of this house.

Handmade and made in Portugal with love.

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Parental Authority

Illustrations for a magazine rubric, "Notícias Magazine" about how we can educate children without violence.

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Poster 'Solilóquios'

Poster developed for Yoga sobre o Porto with the cultural program of solo concerts, running between the winter solstice until the spring equinox. Solilóquios


Christmas Flash Sale.


alt Mercado de Natal sobre a temática do Porto, inaugura dia 17 de Dezembro às 16h30 na O!Galeria.
Será um colectivo de trabalhos de alunos da ESAD.
Esta é a minha proposta para esta temática usando as técnicas de impressão de monotipia e serigrafia.

The dream is a trip

alt alt alt A baggage wall, for tourist apartment.

Against the clock

A proposal that attempts to explore quotidian questions in the relation with the city, the public space and mainly with life, in this imaginary clock that time represents in the individual and collective perception.

“ContraRelógio”(Against the Clock) is a project presented by the representation of the metro lines as an analogy to the line of life, with the sentence

Releasing Emotions

Happening Video ~ Realeasing Emotions

An intervention in the public space that took place in two sites simultaneously in the 1st of July (2013); Santa Catarina street in Porto and Conde S. Bento street in Trofa, both emblematic in this cities. As a temporary intervention, this Happening last for the day, from 11 am to 20 pm.

As a relational device,